Jet Washing of pedestrian tunnel 28/03 – 08/04

From Monday 28th March Vauxhall One will be providing a deep clean, jet washing service to the pedestrian tunnel next to the Vauxhall Rail Station for ten nights.

Please see attached the contractor’s Method Statement and schedule of work.

The work will consist of jet washing, cleaning and chewing gum removal on the pedestrian areas of the tunnel.

The areas of work included; the pavement in front of the Station and South Lambeth Road outside Nando’s restaurant. Jet washing and painting of the tunnel’s ceiling is also scheduled to take place.

Vauxhall One would advise that pedestrians use the tunnel on the other side of the station, between these set working times, however narrow access will be maintained at all times.

For any other information please contact: Environmental Services Manager – Javier Flores 

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