Vauxhall One Extends CCTV Network

News January 31, 2020 - admin2020 Vauxhall One Extends CCTV Network
Vauxhall One has extended its CCTV network to enhance safety and security for businesses, locals and employees.

Since 2013, the BID has installed nine CCTV cameras in partnership with Lambeth Council, with five state-of-the-art cameras fitted along Albert Embankment, Kennington Lane and Vauxhall Street in 2019/20.

The cameras have contributed to an overall reduction in crime in Vauxhall, thanks to close collaboration with the British Transport Police, S92 Police Officers and Ward Police Officers. These agencies are able to view footage on mobile tablet devices over a 4G network, allowing them to remain agile when investigating crime in Vauxhall.

Plans for more cameras are underway, with the BID actively responding to increased crime in certain areas.

You can read more about Vauxhall One’s CCTV project and request footage here

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